Niagara Custom Website Facelift

No matter who builds your site, us included, it will need a facelift every few years When we build you a website we offer you a facelift every two years.

For a CRAZY low rate of only $250, we'll overhaul the design portion of the site completely...making it like brand new! Colours, images, placement, forms, etc - we'll do them all! We think it's crazy that you should either have to put up with something that looks a little old, or that you don't like anymore just because you don't want to buy a whole new site.

This is our way of saying 'Thanks' for being a loyal NGD customer! Customers tell us it gives them peace of mind knowing that we're building them a site to last for years and years to come backed up with services like this - that's how we roll.


  • Niagara Graphic Design did more than listen to my desires for a website, they took the time to understand my image and artistically and accurately displayed that in a user friendly, interesting website that I am proud of.

    Christopher Bessette, Fonthill
  • Niagara Graphic Design took my vision and brought it to Life! Talent and skill is evident. I would definitely recommend to use their expertise

    Greg Nichols, Grimsby


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